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"Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability...nothing deepens intimacy like the experiences that we share when we feel flayed, with our skins off, scared and vulnerable, and our partner is there with us, willing to share in the scary stuff" - From The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt

Understand the preciousness of the unfulfilled desire. Begin to feel appreciation for the fact that the desire exists, rather than instant disappointment that it has not manifested

The true strength of a woman is not measured by her compliance to
being shackled to a bed that becomes a fortress of solitude, but her
willingness to submit her very heart and very soul. -- Ron

Bind my ankles with your white cotton rope so I cannot walk. Bind my wrists so I cannot push you away. Place me on the bed and wrap your rope tighter around my skin so it grips my flesh. Now I know that struggle is useless, that I must lie here and submit to your mouth and tongue and teeth, your hands and words and whims. I exist only as your object. Exposed.

Obedient Surrender
Author: samira/

I want to surrender to you…
Allow my soul to drift upon the dark sea
That I may feel small and helpless surround by its power.
I want to surrender to you…
Let the storm over take me and bind me with its love
That I may loose myself with in its torrents.
I want to surrender to you…
Permit my strength to shine in sweet submission
That thy hand can form my heart and mind.
I want to surrender to you…
That your desires may be fulfilled and
I may be made complete.

1st January 2013

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